Research and Development

Supriya Lifescience Ltd. has a proven track record of delivering Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Intermediates to our global clients over 3 decades. Our R&D division partners with innovator and generic companies to develop innovative, cost-effective and safe processes for NCEs, Generic molecules and support life-cycle management of products for global clients.

Our R&D division is approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India; and has also partnered with internationally acclaimed educational institutes like – The Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

At Supriya Lifescience Ltd., many hazardous processes are performed at commercial scale which are developed in R&D and successfully scaled up. The complex chemistries are performed in addition to the following range:

  • Friedel Craft’s Acylation,
  • Claisen Condensation,
  • Grignard Reaction,
  • Mannich Reaction,
  • Ritter Reaction,
  • Eschweiller Clark Reaction

The current activities include:

  • Process development of generic APIs and Intermediates
  • Route scouting, process research for Custom Synthesis and manufacturing products
  • Life-cycle management of existing products
  • Development of non-infringing processes
  • Trouble-shooting support to plant
  • Providing support to QA for Regulatory filing.