Research and Development

A strong Research and Development capability is the core attribute of any great organisation. It is a key to growth and sustainability.

At Supriya Lifescience, we invest in only the finest infrastructure and people skills in this critical area.

A highly qualified and motivated team of Scientists and Research Specialists strive ceaselessly to set the bar of excellence in terms of product quality, productivity, cost-effectiveness and delivery.

State-of-the-art analytical equipment and a small Pilot Plant to support the development programmes ensure that the Department has cutting edge capability at all times.

The R&D Department is approved by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India.

Our R&D Team has developed more than 30 commercially viable processes which have now been implemented consequent to our meeting the necessary regulatory protocols.

In partnership with internationally acclaimed educational institutes like the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, our R&D Team has already developed 10 new products which are being scaled up and will realise their maximum potential in the next 3 years. This will contribute significantly to the company’s overall growth.

A whole range of Chemistries such as-

Friedel Craft’s Acylation, Claisen Condensation,Grignard Recation Mannich Reaction, Ritter Reaction, Eschweiller Clark Reaction and more have been handled on a commercial scale.

The current activities include

  • Process development of generic APIs and intermediates
  • Continuous cost and quality improvement of existing products
  • Development of non-infringing processes
  • Trouble shooting support to plant
  • Custom synthesis and manufacturing.
  • Support to QA for development of Regulatory documents

Supriya Lifescience Ltd has also entered into the field of Peptide Chemistry and Flow Chemistry and is currently evaluating processes which could possibly evolve using this latest technique.

At Supriya Lifecience, we have set ambitious and sustainable growth targest for both the near and distant future … and R&D will be a key ingredient of the success story we are scripting.